10 Things That Will Likely Go Wrong While Wedding Planning and How to Handle It

There’s a certain nineties song that talks about “raaa-iii-aayyy-n on your wedding day” (you totally just sang that in your head, didn’t you?). While Alanis Morissette meant it metaphorically, the truth is, it happens. Weddings are vulnerable to all sorts of problems—and rain is sometimes the least of them. The good news? Most problems show up during the planning process, and very often they are 100% preventable. You’ll be even better prepared after reading this: 10 things that are very likely to go wrong while wedding planning, and how to handle it all with grace.

1. Committing Too Soon

2. Hiring A Vendor Based Solely Off of Their Instagram Presence

3. Family Matters

4. Overspent 

5. A Huge Guest List

6. Little Arguments

7. Timeline Issues

8. Failing to Make a Beautiful Plan B

9.  Destinations Can Be Difficult

10. Things Feel Different Than You Thought They Would


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